Engine Components Since 1910
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Many major OEM's trace their heritage to the design concepts and engineering rigor of AMBAC. Today, our engineering team is working with leading companies in industries as diverse as aviation and heavy duty military vehicles.

AMBAC is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer. We have decades of experience manufacturing diesel fuel systems. We can develop a custom manufacturing solution for a variety of machined products. We specialize in extremely high precision, shorter run, machined components and assemblies.

Diesel & Natural Gas
Dual Fuel Systems

AMBAC has partnered with Skygo Fuel Systems, an engineering and development company focused on dual fuel technology. The technology has been in development for over 7 years, and our customers have told us it's the best on the market. For more information about Skygo, click here 

• Engine Controls and Governors
• Natural Gas Dual Fuel Systems
• Diesel Fuel Pumps & Injectors
• Test Equipment

We have been a global supplier of diesel fuel systems and related components since 1910, making us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in our industry. We primarily supply diesel fuel systems, electric governors, and advanced components. Our products are used in transportation, agriculture, aviation, defense, power generation, and more. Wherever you find high quality and heavy-duty diesel engine technologies – you’ll find AMBAC.

AMBAC International is a ISO 9001:2008 registered company.